Lured Into the Night: The Disappearance of Hailey Burns

A family wakes up to find their teenaged daughter has disappeared during the night, leaving behind most of her belongings and medication. Shockingly, they discover that she may have had plans to run away with an unidentified, middle-aged man who she met online that "made her call him Daddy." After almost a year of searching, no discernible clues or leads have emerged. Where is Hailey Burns?

Murder In A Church: The Brutal Killing of Missy Bevers

A beautiful fitness trainer and mother of three, Missy Bevers, is callously beaten to death in an empty church. Building surveillance video of the killer, clad in full tactical gear, is later released. The footage leads many to question if there is ANY possibility that her horrific murder could have ACTUALLY been random. Legitimate concerns about web-sleuthing and social media are raised as the public suspicion shifts heavily to those closest to Missy.

The Lead Masks Case: Mysterious Deaths on Vintém Hill

The bodies of two electrical technicians are found atop a remote hilltop in Brazil. The men were clad in formal suits, rain jackets, and bizarre homemade lead masks. Without any discernible cause of death, authorities are perplexed. As the investigation reveals cryptic notes, rumors of a scientific spiritual society, and potential extraterrestrial contact, the enigma of the masked men deepens.